Nos projets

Grâce à nos donatrices et donateurs, 29 projets de recherche bénéficient actuellement d’un soutien dans des universités et instituts de recherche de Suisse:

Prof. Paolo Arosio, ETH Zürich: «Highly sensitive microfluidic assays for quantification of soluble oligomers and diagnostic biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease»
Dr. Varun Bhaskar, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research Basel: «Single-molecule live-cell imaging of repeat-containing RNAs and proteins in C9orf72-associated FTD/ALS»
Prof. Camilla Bellone, Université de Lausanne: «Early synaptic dysfunction in HD model: role of GluN3A»
Prof. Amedeo Caflisch, Universität Zürich: «Targeted reverse chemical genetics approach to study the role of CREBBP/p300 in Alzheimer’s disease»
PD Dr. Jean-Yves Chatton, Université de Lausanne: «Using uncoupling in mitochondria of astrocytes to promote neuroprotection in Alzheimer's disease»
Prof. Jean-Francois Démonet, Centre Leenaards de la Mémoire, CHUV: «New ocular biomarkers for early detection of Alzheimer's disease»
Dr. Maria Soledad Esposito, Friedrich Miescher Institut Basel: «Cause and consequence of Parkinson's disease in the midbrain locomotor command center»
Dr. Maria Teresa Ferretti, Universität Zürich: «Impaired immune surveillance in Alzheimer's disease: studies on pre-clinical transgenic models and patient-derived samples»
Prof. Johannes Gräff, Brain Mind Institute, EPFL Lausanne: «Traces towards dementia: Identifying neuronal subpopulations and pathogenic mechanisms at presymptomatic stages of Alzheimer's disease in a new mouse model»
Dr. Amandine Grimm, Universität Basel: «The role of the endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria coupling in Taurelated neurodegenerative diseases»
Prof. Fritjof Helmchen, Universität Zürich: «Imaging corticostriatal loop dysfunction during skilled locomotion of Parkinsonian mice»
Dr. Annika Keller, Universitätsspital Zürich: «Elucidating the pathogenic mechanism of small vessel calcification in idiopathic basal ganglia calcification»
Prof. Jan Klohs, Universität Zürich und ETH Zürich: «The factor XII-driven contact system as a new therapeutic target in Alzheimer's disease»
Dr. Asvin Lakkaraju, Universitätsspital Zürich: «Mechanistic insights into development of prion induced spongiform phenotype and neurotoxicity»
Dr. Ruiqing Ni, ETH Zürich und Universität Zürich: «Non-invasive multi-modal imaging of the temporal and spatial relations of amyloid-beta, tau pathology, brain connectivity and atrophy in murine Alzheimer`s disease models»
Dr. Paolo Paganetti, Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland: «Nuclear Tau in Health and Disease”»
Dr. Rosa Chiara Paolicelli, Universität Zürich: «Synaptic pruning by dysfunctional microglia in the pathogenesis of neurodegeneration»
Prof. Matthias Peter, ETH Zürich: «Mechanisms that govern maturation and disassembly of stress granules»
Prof. Julius Popp, Geneva University Hospitals (HUG): «Discovering complex connections between brain energy metabolism and Alzheimer disease: Metabolomics-led system’s wide clinical and experimental study»
Prof. Steven T. Proulx, ETH Zürich: «Impact of lymphatic outflow in the brain during aging and neurodegenerative disorders»
Dr. Kevin Richetin, CHUV Lausanne: «Role of astrocytic mitochondria in the early stages of Alzheimer disease»
Dr. Aiman S. Saab, Universität Zürich: «How glial metabolic support impacts Alzheimer’s disease disease pathophysiology»
Dr. Jose Vicente Sanchez Mut, EPFL: «PM20D1 function in Alzheimer's disease»
Dr. Iaroslav Savtchouk, Universität Lausanne: «Investigating distance-dependent interplay between local astrocytic Ca2+ signaling and synaptic plasticity in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease»
Dr. Assunta Senatore, Universität Zürich: «Novel anti-PrP human antibodies for therapy of prion diseases»
Dr. Silvia Sorce, Universität Zürich: «A novel approach to study the progression of neurodegenerative diseases: investigating the young brain to understand the old»
Prof. Henning Stahlberg, Universität Basel: «The Structure of Prionoid Tau Strains»
Prof. Ron Stoop, Universität Lausanne: «Emotion dysregulation in Alzheimer's patients: a new model based on patients with neurodegenerative loss of the amygdala and hormonal regulation related to personality»
Prof. Verdon Taylor, Universität Basel: «Mechanism of the TDP-43 p53 axis in inducing neuronal death in Frontotemporal Lobular Degeneration»

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