Afin de faciliter l'échange de connaissances et la mise en réseau des scientifiques de différentes institutions, la Fondation Synapsis organise des événements pour les chercheurs.


Synapsis Forum 2018

Scientific exchange for researchers fighting against Alzheimer’s

12. and 13. November 2018 at Schloss Hotel Gerzensee in Gerzensee (near Bern)

Synapsis Foundation is organizing the first Synapsis Forum for researchers supported by the foundation. By bringing together researchers working in the field of neurodegenerative disorders, the foundation intends not only to foster knowledge exchange, but to give scientists a platform for networking and community building. 

Synapsis invites all researcher that receive funding from the foundation, as well as one additional project member of the supported lab. 



During the two-day event, selected researchers will give talks and provide insight into their research projects supported by Synapsis Foundation. In addition, two renowned experts, Prof. Adriano Aguzzi (University Hospital Zurich) and Prof. Mathias Jucker (University of Tübingen and DZNE) will share their expertise. During a poster session in the afternoon of the first day, all supported researchers will receive the chance to present their work. A networking event on the second day will offer many opportunities to meet other scientists informally.



Hotel Schloss Gerzensee
Dorfstrasse 2
CH-3115 Gerzensee

Tel. +41 (0)31 780 33 00



Synapsis Foundation holds a room contingent at Hotel Schloss Gerzensee until
August 3, 2018. Room rates are CHF 160.- per person and night for a single room, including breakfast. For reservations please contact info@hotelschlossgerzensee.ch, mentioning “Synapsis Forum 2018”.

Hotel rooms need to be booked and payed by the participants. Synapsis Foundation does not cover accommodation costs. However, travel and hotel costs can be booked on your Synapsis Grant. 



To register for the Synapsis Forum 2018 please complete the registration form.
Deadline for registration: September 5, 2018



For further queries please contact Heide Hess:
E-Mail: hess(at)alzheimer-synapsis.ch
Telephone: +41 (0)44 276 40 63

Participation by invitation only!

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