Research funding

The Synapsis Foundation - Alzheimer Research Switzerland ARS supports fundamental and clinical research of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders that is conducted in Switzerland.

Each year, the Synapsis Foundation makes a public appeal for proposals.This approach ensures fair competition among the projects and promotes high quality of research.

Young researchers are invited to submit an application and a description of their research project. The Foundation thus aims to attract talented young scientists to the field of Alzheimer’s disease, support the development of new research groups and promote innovative approaches.

  • Thanks to our donors and benefactors, the foundation has been able to support
    more than 50 research projects during the last fourteen years.
  • Currently, the foundation supports 29 research groups.
  • The foundation has invested more than CHF 12 M in dementia research.

«The open-mindedness and exemplary vision for alternative strategies of the Synapsis Foundation enabled us to break new ground in understanding the role and characteristics of proteins (transglutaminase enzymes). These are implicated in Alzheimer’s, even in primordial cells, such as bacteria.»

Prof. Patrick Viollier, University of Geneva

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